Dual Microphone Mounts

Check out what Rick Beato has to say about the AxeMount SM21



Greg Wurth


Steve Vai, L.A.Guns, Mary J Blige

"The X-Clip has become an essential part of my recording workflow. Since it’s release I haven’t recorded a guitar amp without it. Now with the new AxeMount SM21, I’m able to utilize the same quality mounting system with my Royers. I’m extremely happy to add this to my list of essentials."

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Protest The Hero, The Tea Party, July Talk

"The SLR team does it again! For me, the sound of rock guitars is a Royer R121 combined with a Shure SM57, blended to taste. I have always tracked with this combo, but now the AxeMount SM21 has made it even easier. Less mic stands in the way, and getting the capsules phase aligned is a breeze. I look forward to always having this tool in my arsenal."




Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Arkells

“Unique, precision tool that allows me to use two of my favourite mics together with no phase issues. Brilliant design, very sturdy. AxeMount helps me achieve perfect mic placement every time. “


Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong / Norah Jones, Toy Guitar

Chris Dugan

"The AxeMount SM-21 is one of those tools I'll have with me at every session. Getting guitars up and running is now faster. The combinations between mics on/off axis placement is superb"



Linkin Park, Black Veil Brides, Intronaut

"The AxeMount is great. The Royer 121/Shure sm57 combination is my go-to for guitar recording, and the AxeMount clip allows you to position and reposition the mics quickly without having to spend the additional time of checking their phase alignment. I'm definitely adding it to my collection of gear I take to every session; can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner. "

ben Grosse


Blink 182, Disturbed, Sevendust

"Why wasn’t I the one that invented this, and why did it take so long for the Axemount to exist? I had become a mic stand ninja from years of crowding and stretching stands together, and gumming up mics w duct tape, just to keep my gtr mics in phase. Life simplified, and less gummy."

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